Daddy Long Legs – Lowdown Ways (2019)

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Daddy Long Legs hails from New York and is a dance/electronic and rock group with a sound like no other. While the Brooklyn boys generally have a rock vibe to them, they also incorporate blues and soul with each member contributing multiple layers. The trio includes Brian Hurd (vocals, harmonica and guitar), Murat Aktürk (slide guitar and backing vocals), and Josh Styles (drums and maracas).

After their recent signing to Yep Roc Records, Daddy Long Legs is about to release their fifth full-length album entitled Lowdown Ways. This album takes multiple genres and influences and combines them into one.

My first thoughts after listening to the first track were, this is going to be a very country heavy album. The way they used the harmonicas, stomping, and bass made it feel like I stepped into an old western saloon. Even Hurd’s rough voice gave me the impression that there was a country vibe.

Usually, when I think of rock, I imagine slamming of electric guitars as well as rhythm guitars, bass, and drums layered to make a hard angry sound. I don’t hear that and that’s ok. I’m used to the angry genres so when I hear something new I don’t recognise it right away.

The use of harmonicas, stomping, and trills is primarily what made me think of country. When these sounds are put together I’m mostly reminded of country. Not the pop/rock crossover country, but more like if country and the blue had a baby in the wild west. As weird of an analogy as that is, I really don’t know a better way to describe it.

The only thing I struggled to find was the electronic element. To me, electronic music is electronica, EDM, DJs spinning, neon strobe and black lights emitting a purple glow. DeadMau5, Zedd, Avicii and Skrillex is what I think of. I know electronic music is any music that is mostly composed using synth sounds; however, I couldn’t identify any. I am also not very well versed in this area so it is possible that I may not have picked up on it.

Overall, this wasn’t a bad album. The musical style in which Lowdown Ways lies isn’t a genre I wouldn’t consider a go to, but it was definitely interesting. I liked that the band was able to compile a variety of melodies (some of which are on a completely different end of the musical spectrum and I would never expect to be put together) and blend them into its own category. Its almost as if the two products were rebranded into something new, yet having them stick to their original roots. I would never expect country, rock and blues to be put together. Country and rock? Blues and rock? Yes, but not putting all three together as a whole. I give mad props to Daddy Long Legs for combining these and making it work. It seems like an extremely difficult task to master, but they did.

My favourite song on the album would have to be ‘Pink Lemonade’. It’s upbeat and the melody gives off a summery vibe. I think the song is about being new somewhere and seeing an attractive woman who is flirty, seductive and friendly.

“Dig deep pay me a dollar and a dime if you’re lookin’ for a real good time. It’s been a hot minute since you threw me some shade you ain’t got nothing on pink lemonade. Pink lemonade whiskey  and wine, sugar and spice and everything fine, a cool drink of water ‘fore the sunset fades, that sweet thing to all as pink lemonade.”

Daddy Long Legs, ‘Pink Lemonade’

The way I see it the song is an artistic way to describe the singer’s encounter with someone he finds highly attractive and with whom he had a rendezvous. Mentally I can see him staring at this woman from across a smoky bar. Their eyes locking and her sending him a ‘come hither’ look. Generally, when someone throws you shade, they’re either making a snarky comment or insulting you; however, in this case, it means sex.

In addition to their single ‘Pink Lemonade’, the band also has four previous albums entitled Evil Eye On You, The Vampire, Blood From a Stone, and Rides Tonight. All previous albums and singles are now available for streaming on Spotify and Apple Music. Lowdown Ways will be available on May 10th.

To interact more with Daddy Long Legs check out their Facebook and Instagram.

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