A Chat with Liily (18.04.19)

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Young and talented. Motivated and passionate (in a non-creepy, Christian Grey way – get your mind out of the gutter!). This is what you can expect from the American îndie rockers, Liily. Taking some time out of their busy schedule, the boys from Liily chatted with us about their latest EP I Can Fool Anybody In This Town, their influences, and how their age plays a role in their music careers.

OSR: What inspired you to write your EP?

L: The EP is less a by-product of inspiration, and more a by-product of time. Those six songs that we recorded were all written in the span of 3 years, starting from when we were all about 15 years old. It was/is a very different style of writing than what we are doing now for our album.

OSR: What is the single ‘Sepulveda Basin’ about?

L: It’s about a lot of things but it’s mainly about the valley (818).

OSR: Where did you get the band name Liily?

L: A close friend of ours suggested that we name the band after her and we just didn’t overthink it. The name is very non-distracting and that was important to us.

OSR: You are all teenagers, is it hard being so young in the music industry or do you think this is an advantage?

L: I think your age is less important than the people you surround yourself with. We have been unspeakably lucky with the people we have come into contact with who have helped us out and have been respectful of our ages and where we were/are at creatively; not trying to mould us in any particular way.

OSR: Who are your biggest influences?

L: To keep it short, and in no particular order. Death Grips, Frank Zappa, Joy Division, The Walkmen.

OSR: Where do you see yourself in ten years?

L: Impossible to say.

OSR: Are you excited about playing The Great Escape?

L: Of course, we are thrilled to be playing outside of the States for the first time.

OSR: Can you tell us about your experiences at SXSW?

L: The experiences of SXSW are trapped in a thick fog, unfortunately. By the time we got to Austin, we had been on our first real tour for the five weeks leading up to it. So SXSW was just a mirage of pretty people and stages to navigate before our final plane home.

OSR: Do you become nervous before performing live or is it more exciting for you?

L: I think the fewer people that are there, the more nervous we become. Other than that, no never.

OSR: Are you all from music backgrounds?

L: Yes and no. We all have at least one family member that did something in music at one point or another, but it doesn’t go back generations or anything.

OSR: Do you have advice for bands wanting to succeed in the music industry?

L: Don’t be vague in whatever point you’re trying to get across.

OSR: Do you have any message for your fans?

L: HI!

For more from Liily, check out their official website, Facebook and Twitter.

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