Dani Slovak – In Love With Life (2022)

With the goal of helping people through music, Dani Slovak is an inspiring artist. I suppose I could say he has a calling to help people as the Slovakian singer-songwriter works as a physician. Regardless of his process – musical or medical – Slovak understands the importance of healing, and his music is his catharsis. Featured on various press like Indie Top 39, iHeart Radio and many more, Slovak is slowly building a following with his intriguing sound. The latest addition to his repertoire is the single ‘In Love With Life’.

Following his single ‘Biela Dáma’, Slovak moves from an upbeat, toe-tapping pop single to something more mellow and soothing in ‘In Love With Life’. Lying somewhere on the contemporary pop spectrum, ‘In Love With Life’ uses dynamic beats with heartfelt keys to create a whirlpool of music. A melodic arrangement not only highlights Slovak’s innovativeness as an artist but also takes you on a journey through the verses and catchy choruses.

Inspired by Stevie Wonder, Amy Winehouse, Joni Mitchell and Charlie Puth, Slovak’s music blends intense intimacy with hard-hitting melodies. Touching on issues of grief, humility, despair and anxiety, ‘In Love With Life’ is a song about a difficult life and sad ending. He shares that the track is “…about my best friend’s life. Two times divorced, two suicide attempts, kicked out of home…for being gay.” Unfortunately, many people in modern-day society can relate to this tale; however, this fact should not overshadow Slovak’s friend’s story – merely show that music can be a representation of life.

As sad as the theme behind the song is, ‘In Love With Life’ is beautiful and hopeful. Slovak’s dulcet tones weave an intense intimacy to not only pay tribute to his friend but also help others overcome any unfortunate circumstances. To rise up and say, “well this is a bit shit, but I can make it through”. In Slovak’s words, “it fills me with grief and happiness at the same time, that one day you will wake up and you will be in love with life.”

For more from Dani Slovak check out his Instagram and Spotify.

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