Danny Wright – Help (2020)

Danny Wright has become the voice of the disenchanted English youth through his willingness to face his generation’s struggles head-on. Through his urgent and desperate performances, he has given a voice and place of solace to those who feel alone. His latest track ‘Help’ shines a light below the surface of his bravado.

The track looks at what lies beneath the façade he displays to the world and what he is hiding from the unforgiving world. Through his combination of alternative rock, grunge and punk, he trades his strength and pride for vulnerability and a chance to connect. The song is a safe haven for listeners to let their frustrations go and admit that they sometimes need help.

‘Help’ uses a creeping and progressive melody to draw you into the inner workings of the track. There are crashing punk guitars that make you want to move your head to the rhythm. There are these wavering lines in the melody that bring the vulnerability of the track home. The melody is easy to listen to and will lift you up if you are feeling down.

This combines with Wrights unapologetic vocals that lay everything on the line. His familiar sneer at the world is clear in his performance and makes the track a wonderful venting of frustrations. However, his vocals also have a vulnerability that draws you into the emotions of the track. The lyrics and performance are relatable and help you seek the clarity you need.

Danny Wright shows his vulnerable side while offering comfort to those who need it in his single ‘Help’. The track is a glance below the surface, but also a call to let us know that we all need to ask for help sometimes.

Find out more about Danny Wright on his website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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