Georgia and The Vintage Youth – Heavy Eyes (2020)

Georgia is combining her big voice with the sounds of her muso friends The Vintage Youth. Together they hit you with a retro-pop style that is vintage but modern at the same time. Blending old-school sounds with some poetic lyrics and modern melodies, they have already gathered quite a following. Their latest release ‘Heavy Eyes’ is the third single off her upcoming EP Overthinker.

The song was inspired by a youthful relationship with an older man. The deeply personal nature of the song presents itself in the raw honesty of the lyrics. It looks at the reality of such a relationship and how this is glossed over by the rose-tinted glasses worn during the relationship.

‘Heavy Eyes’ opens with a very 50s and 60s melody. You can almost see the old American diner this song might have been played in when you start listening. The retro feel of the track continues throughout with the romantic tone of the song throwing you back to days long gone. While the melody is very vintage, there is also a slightly modern edge to it that makes it really enjoyable. The beat makes you want to move to the rhythm and the guitar lines are great.

While the melody sets the vintage tone, Georgia’s vocals complete the picture. She has a rich voice that is smooth against your senses and draws you into the lyrics. While the single has a very 50s romantic vibe to it, the lyrics are very different as there is nothing romantic about them. The clash of the lyrics and melody just makes this song even more fun to listen to.

Georgia and The Vintage Youth throw you back to the 50s with retro feeling ‘Heavy Eyes’. While the melody of the track is all old-school romance, the lyrics are a different story which makes the song so great. The rich vocals also make this a song you can listen to again and again without ever getting tired of it.

Find out more about Georgia and The Vintage Youth on their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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