Dawn Somek – One Day (2020)

Are you looking for a single that brings up an existential crisis wrapped in fear for a sad party? Well, Dawn Somek has just what you need in her intimate and melancholic single ‘One Day’. Tapping into the fear of being forgotten and alone, she asks a simple question that has no simple answer. Through the minimalistic arrangement of the track, she makes you think while spiralling into fearful thoughts.

The single continues Somek’s adventures into the entire spectrum of human emotions whether good or bad. As she challenges the boundaries between happiness and sadness, she wraps you in bittersweet soundscapes of colourful wavering melodies. By stepping into her carefully crafted world, you could exit having found yourself and an understanding of life.

‘One Day’ has a sweet acoustic folk opening that pulls you into a mellow feeling. The relaxed feeling you are filled with is a little at odds with the lyrics which bring up a lot of existential thoughts. The music has an intimate feeling that makes you think it is a glance into someone inner thoughts. The strings that join the guitar are soft in the background while adding a depth to the musings of the music. There is a wonderful floating feeling that sets you in the best mindset to contemplate the crises the lyrics could easily bring.

Somek’s vocals are a light breeze against your senses as she carefully picks her way through tough questions. As the lyrics consider being alone and forgotten by everyone, her voice dances across your brain. The light flow of her performance pulls you into the arrangement of the track while giving you something to think about. It is a very easy way to send you into a spiral of questions without any answers. As the song progresses, there is a sense of hope woven into the vocals.

Dawn Somek wraps a fear of being alone and forgotten in a gentle folk soundscape for an intimate yet sad party with ‘One Day’. The folk melody has a simplistic arrangement that gains depth as the single progresses. The vocals have an intimate vibe as they ask questions you have no easy answers to.

Find out more about Dawn Somek on her website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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