Dame Emil – Immersion (2020)

Dame Emil is using a symbolic story to lead listeners to freedom from the fear of tomorrow with their single ‘Immersion’. The integration of Christianity and agnosticism in the lyrics creates a united journey to a higher consciousness where fear is shrugged off. Filled with a thirst for life, the synths and gothic chords create a moody yet uplifting single.

This interesting path to freedom comes from Saku Liimatainen (vocals, synths), Eemil Helin (synths), Andrew Bowo (synths), Tuukka Turunen (guitar) and Valtteri Paakkari (percussion). The Helsinki-based band draws on styles of the European underground scene, alternative dance and dark wave. Packed with 80s stylings, the track is unlike anything else you might be listening to.

‘Immersion’ uses some industrial tones to grab your attention before you are thrust into a synth wonderland. The wave of synths compliments the deep beats that roil in the base of the melody. There is a dark edge to the melody that comes through in the electronic gothic tones that bubble up from the depths of the music. Throughout the single, there is a slight 80s vibe that throws you back to the height of synth-pop goodness. While there is a retro vibe at times, there are other elements from the gothic tones to a modern thirst for life that makes the single a unique and contemporary wonder.

Liimatainen’s vocals have a dark wave flow to them while embracing the 80s vibes. His performance has an edge of moodiness to it that makes you think of dark tones, but this is wrapped around a stimulating and uplifting flow. As you are bolstered by the covered vocals, you are sent to a sense of something higher that you just need to grab onto. Together with the melody, the vocals form a danceable track that you want to move to while overdosing on the retro synth vibes.

Dame Emil combines 80s synths vibes with dark wave for an enthralling overdose of sounds while sending your consciousness to a higher level in ‘Immersion’. The melody wraps industrial tones up in powerful synths with a dark edge for a retro yet contemporary sound. The vocals continue the retro vibes while pulling you ever higher.

Find out more about Dame Emil on their Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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