Jboz – Where You Go? (2020)

Being in love can be an all-encompassing emotion that makes you want to be around the person you love all the time. This heady feeling is the foundation of ‘Where You Go?’ by Jboz. The single looks at being in a relationship and the idea that the other person is moving on their own timeframe. You are left with the realisation that you cannot control where they go, what they do or how they feel about you.

These emotions and realisations are portrayed in a catchy summer pop smash. Using groovy beats and melodic tones, Jboz leads you through the ups and downs of human connections. His fresh sound combines with deep songwriting to get you moving to the beat and thinking about your own experiences.

‘Where You Go?’ has this light opening that leads you to the vocals. The slower pace of the melody does not originally give you the vibes of a summer smash. However, as the single continues, you can’t help but move to the groovy beat that insinuates its way into your limbs. The beats have this way of getting into your brain and making you at least sway to the melody.

The groovy melody forms a great foundation for the vocals that have this autotune tone to them. The slight electronic notes in the performance give the single a different vibe. The easy pace of the track helps you connect with the lyrics. The depths of his lyrical ability is highlighted on this track as you are taken through the different parts of a relationship. You get lost in being in love, move to realise that the other person has their own life and end with the acceptance of all this.

Jboz skillfully works through being in love and realising that you have no control over the other person in ‘Where You Go?’. The single has an easy vibe to it that makes it one of those laidback summer smashes.

Find out more about Jboz on his Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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