Derek Simpson – Naked Forever (2020)

Derek Simpson is reflecting on surrendering to your own nature in his new single ‘Naked Forever’. This bubbling reflection is packed with the power of the experience and well as the surreal feeling it can invoke. Using a delicate combination of melodic elements, Simpson lulls you into an almost dreamlike landscape.

The hypnotic soundscape he creates is not new and something that he has become known for. Since the start of the year, he has released two other melodic gems that showcase everything this multi-instrumentalist has to offer. Now he has added a beautiful strangeness to the mix in this single.

‘Naked Forever’ sends you into the dreamlike soundscape from the first note. Simpson’s vocals have a stop-start flow to them that is very effective in building the surreal experience of surrendering to nature. However, the light almost airy sound to the vocals contributes to the dreamscape of the song. It is an interesting combination of elements that really set the tone of the track. As you are drawn into his performance, he sets you afloat with the lyric. The falsetto that comes later in the track is very well done and just adds more to the surreal sound.

While his vocals do a lot to set the scene, the melody plays a large role as well. The initial beats have a shuffling feeling to them, but swing into something a little groovier. The beat pulses through you as you let go and give in to the soundscape. The guitar line that comes in is absolutely wonderful. It is both gentle and soaring as you get lost in its flow. The melody is easy to listen to and get lost in.

Derek Simpson reflects on surrendering to your own nature with the surreal and dreamlike ‘Naked Forever’. The vocals set the tone of the track while the melody has you grooving to it. The guitar line is wonderful and sets you soaring.

Find out more about Derek Simpson on his website, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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