Derry Fillin – Excuse (2022)

Derry Fillin has the ability to create a movie in your brain through the musical flows and lyrics of his songs. His latest single ‘Excuse’ is no different as it tells the story of a conversation inside the mind of a rather delusional person. While the exchange between two sides of the person’s consciousness plays out like a movie through the music, Fillin has also released an official music video that brings this tale to visual glory.

The first song written for his upcoming debut EP, it started off as a basic piano tune. As time went on, the single evolved with the introduction of the horns, while retaining the original low tones. After attending a music school for guitar, Fillin took an 8-year hiatus from music, but is back for a new era of his sound.

The opening of ‘Excuse’ has a rather epic feeling as the steady stepped progression has you swaying to the melody. The piano line rises from beneath, bringing a light jazzy vibe to the swaying flow of the music. The piano line gets you addicted to the single, while dancing with the vocals in the best possible way. The interplay between the piano and guitar lines is a pleasure to listen to. The way they interact is like the two sides of the conversation bringing a different perspective to the soundscape. The horns, as they enter, bring a touch of grandness to the single. Each instrument has a chance to shine, while adding its own flair to the melody. Everything comes together perfectly for a seriously addictive movement that makes you want to play the single on repeat, if only to listen to the melody.

While the melody is enough to get you hooked to the track on its own, Fillin’s vocals take everything to a new level. There is a meandering feeling to his performance as it enters over the piano line. The movement of the piano is picked up by the vocals for the delivery, adding a delicate bounce to his performance. While you are drawn into the movement of the delivery, the lyrics set out the two sides of an internal conversation. There is the saner side that tries to gain control, only to waver off into the tangents of delusion. Through the lyrics, you spiral into the rabbit hole of the conversation, but you don’t really ever want to leave it, because of how engaging it all is.

Using black and white visuals, the official music video opens with the main character playing a vinyl of the single. The video follows this character who has sold his soul to the crossroads demon, in order to gain fame and stardom. There is a visual poetry to the video that is wonderful to see and brings a new depth to the single. Between the visuals of the main character dealing with the consequences of what he has done, Fillin is seen singing, creating a wonderful break in the visuals.

With a jazzy undertone, ‘Excuse’ by Derry Fillin draws you into a meandering internal conversation that is an absolute pleasure to listen to. The melody is full of an interplay between the instruments, while the vocals have you spiralling into a rabbit hole that you never want to get out of. The black and white music video brings a new twist to the single, with some seriously poetic visuals.

Find out more about Derry Fillin on his Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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