Desmond Parson – Resoulution (2022)

If you are in the mood for a short three-track EP that is packed with some smooth neo-soul and alternative RnB, you are in for a treat. This is the sound that permeates the tracks of Resoulution by Desmond Parson. Using the passion he has for what he does, Parson takes the best elements of old and new soulful RnB to create his smooth and rather indulgent sound.

While music has always been an outlet for his thoughts, Parson’s interest was initially peaked at age 4 while listening to the albums his grandmother used to play. This led to him learning to play the piano at 10, learning melodies from his uncle. Joining singing groups in high school started his musical career which has seen him play at many historic venues in Washington, D.C.

‘Mend the Pieces’ opens the EP with a cascade of glittering tones that turns into a smooth neo-soul flow. There is a slightly vintage edge to the melody that harks back to the heyday of RnB. It is a sultry slide that wraps around you like a comforting blanket. This soulful comfort perfectly matches the vocals as the lyrics wax poetically about the person who is able to mend the broken pieces of your heart. While there is an affection to the performance, there is also a plea for the person to meet you halfway and help you mend your broken heart. The harmonised backing vocals add another edge to the RnB flow of the single, creating a depth of emotion and sound. These backing vocals also bring a touch of retro vibes to the single, but there is also something modern about them.

A different RnB flow hits with ‘Love You for Life’ as it brings a brighter feeling through the sparkling tones that open the track. The vocals float out over the chittering tones, leading you to Parson’s smooth voice. This track really showcases his soulful range with some great high notes that slip into a decadent slide of richness. The overlapping of the backing vocals is wonderful and makes you want to sway to the sound. There is a deep affection woven into each word that really brings the emotions of the track to life. Through the track, Parson lays out his feelings of overwhelming love he feels for someone.

The EP comes to an end with ‘Possibly’ which brings a more playful feeling with a slightly off-kilter opening. This track has the heaviest hit of retro tones, but also carries the greatest modern flair that completely changes the sound to something unique. The vocals lose some of the soulfulness of the other tracks, gaining a heavier hit of RnB sensibilities. Love sits at the core of the lyrics, but there is a more playful look at the emotion woven into the track. Later in the track, you are thrown into a smoother flow while Parson’s vocals bring a powerful burst as he expounds on his feelings of love.

Combining retro RnB with neo-soul sensibilities, Desmond Parson looks at love in three different ways across the tracks of Resoulution. Each track has a core of RnB and soul, but have been crafted to showcase the different styles and feelings of these genres. Parson’s vocals are rich and smooth across the tracks, before gaining a playful edge for the last song.

Find out more about Desmond Parson on his website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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