Dizmation – Still (2021)

Finding where you belong is often a daunting task full of obstacles you need to overcome. Dizmation is here to shine a light on this journey through his single ‘Still’. As the single looks at this journey, it considers the ups and downs that you encounter along the way. Instead of seeing them as problems, it turns them into what makes the journey and search for belonging worthwhile. This is wrapped around a bolstering message of not giving in to fear.

The journey is brought to sonic life with a guitar-driven melody washed in pop and shoegaze sensibilities. If you are looking for a multi-layered track that gives you an optimistic boost regarding the troubles of life, this is the single for you. While you get lost in the music, you might want to check out the music video which explores the beauty of darkness.

The guitars draw you into ‘Still’ from the first second as they wash over you with a hazy vibe. There is a very chill vibe to the guitars that make you want to relax back into them and let all your problems drift with their flow. The melody is driven by the guitar with a light beat resting below it. This is actually wonderful as it complements the vocals so well and creates the journey of life in sonic glory. Through the guitar lines, you can feel the searching gaze of trying to find where you belong only to feel the wonder of everything you see along the way in the soaring riffs.

The shoegaze elements hit with the vocals which have a light pop sensibility threaded into them. The light haziness of the vocal delivery matches the river of the guitar for a really enjoyable experience. The two layers combine to sweep you up in their movement. While you ride the waves of the music, the lyrics fill you with optimism about the challenges you face in life. This is done with a questioning tone but they bring you to the realisation that the experiences you have are what makes life enjoyable.

The music video is a lot of fun to watch as it uses the limitations of modern life to its advantage. Shot primarily in a back garden and around the outside of a house, you can feel a sense of not belonging through the movements of a cloaked figure. With pop art exclamations, the little things that make life worthwhile are shown and you are brought to the realisation that there is a lot of good in the world. It is a very enjoyable music video that you can watch again and again only to find something new to smile about each time.

Dizmation layers shoegaze vibes over rivers of guitars riffs and optimistic lyrics in his single ‘Still’. The river of guitars gets you caught in its current as it brings a chill vibe and searching gaze. The vocals offer a hazy optimism that lets you know that the challenges you face trying to find where you belonging are what makes the journey worthwhile.

Find out more about Dizmation on his Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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