Ready, Steady, Die! – Deep (2020)

While Morgan Visconti (composer, producer, vocals) and Sam K (composer, vocals) have been friends since forever and involved in musical projects together, they have only recently formed Ready, Steady, Die! To mark the occasion and as the lead single of their debut album Pleasure Ride, the pair have released ‘Deep’. The single is about having the courage to look inward and dig deep to keep negative thoughts and people out of your life.

The single takes inspiration from David Lynch’s film ‘Blue Velvet’ and delves beneath the surface of human nature. Combining recurring drums with electronic strings, the single sets your expectations for what the duo has in store for you. The band is looking to break the mould of modern music and this single is a great opening salvo.

The dark beats of the opening set the tone of ‘Deep’ and draw you in with this creepy vibe. There is a sinister and ominous feeling to the notes of the melody that blend with the build-up of the drumbeats. The band uses a haunting sound with dark undertones to draw you in and set the pace of the song. This goes even darker when you are hit with the heavier electronic notes.

The dark tones of the melody work with K’s vocals which are delicate. The vocals sit on top of the melody to create a lighter layer that is just as creepy and dark as the undertones. The eerie lines of the single are outstanding in all elements of the track from the overpowering synths to the vocals. The light piano lines at the end of the single add to the eerie vibes to artfully close off the track.

Hauntingly dark and beautifully eerie, ‘Deep’ by Ready, Steady, Die! will infiltrate your brain and hook your senses. The single is an amazing blend of electronic elements with creepy piano lines and dark vocals. It will leave you wanting more and glad that the band’s album has already dropped.

Find out more about Ready, Steady, Die! on their Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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