DJFLX – Vingar av Sten (2020)

DJFLX is sending his latest single ‘Vingar av Sten’ out to all the young adults out there who are struggling with mental illness. A therapeutic single presented in a mainstream way, the single touches on his darkest years. Through this baring of the soul, he calls for a change in the way people and young men, in particular, express their feelings and work through their emotions.

While he taps into his own dark experience, the single is relatable to anyone who has struggled with any type of mental illness. The lyrics are sung in Swedish, but the meaning and emotion laced through them transcend the language barrier. Through the moving soundscape and vocals, we are encouraged to talk more and work through the dark times in a healthy way.

‘Vingar av Sten’ softly opens with gentle lapping sounds and atmospheric female vocals. The piano line forms the soft base of the melody while hip-hop beats rise from the depths. These beats pulse through your chest while the piano continues to dance around them. The interplay between the different layers of the melody makes you think about the struggle people have with mental health. The gentle piano line acts as the light moments while the beats pulse against your mind as the darker struggles of mental health. They combine to form a whole which is what people live through while still getting you moving to their flow.

While the vocals are in Swedish, the flow of his performance brings the emotions of the track to life. Through the emo-rap movement of his performance, you are lead through a baring of the soul complete with dark moments and a realisation of the light shining through. The inclusion of backing vocal snippets enhances the emotional movement of the music.

DJFLX offers a therapeutic single in ‘Vingar av Sten’ that helps you work through the dark times whether you understand Swedish or not. The movement of the music hits you with the emotions of a struggle with mental illness before the flow of his vocals hits home. Even if you don’t understand the words of the single, the emotions sit in your chest and help you move forward.

Find out more about DJFLX on his Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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