Our Man In The Field – Great White Hope (2020)

Think of a man in a field. Now think of multi-instrumentalist Alexander Ellis in a field. This is Our Man In The Field. Influenced by acts like Creedance Clearwater Revival, Neil Young, Wilco and Van Morrison, Ellis has a particularly unique and distinctive sound. While there is an originality to his music, the classical crafting of the songs can make you believe you have heard the man before; however, it’s this sense of familiarity that engages audiences. A type of lulling you into an “I know this band” before blowing you away.

Intimate, soulful and insightful, Ellis’s music has gained a captive audience from across the globe. Featured in Americana UK, Folk And Honey, For Folk’s Sake and Northern Sky Reviews, as well as earning a nomination for “Best Song” at the UK Americana Association Awards, Our Man In The Field is making his presence known. The most recent release from Ellis is the single ‘Great White Hope’.

Soft, soothing and emotive, ‘Great White Hope’ takes one on a languid musical journey from the beginning. Starting with simple almost spoken-word vocals over a piano, Our Man In The Field showcases his intimacy; however, the stripped-back approach does not last too long. While a piano and percussion-driven track without too many frills, Ellis showcases his versatility by moving from hauntingly intimate to a folk-esque buoyancy.

What I enjoy about the single is how Ellis’s vocals seem to carry the track. Rich, bold and warm, his tone and timbre add sincerity to ‘Great White Hope’. As with his other singles, it is the simplicity of his music that invokes a heartwarming sentimentality. I wouldn’t necessarily refer to ‘Great White Hope’ as robust, but the powerful harmony between melody and lyrics make it a boundary-breaking breath of fresh air.

For more from Our Man In The Field check out his official website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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