Down South Pepper Band – Boots and Overcoat (2021)

A touch of country merged with some Americana, folk and roots allows Down South Pepper Band to tell the tale of a fisherman in ‘Boots and Overcoat’. Through the rather traditional tones of the track, they tell the story of the local fisherman’s life with rich instrumentation, including acoustic guitars, flutes, drums and tambourines. Catchy and with a touch of humour in the lyrics, the single draws inspiration from rough weather, stormy seas and the culture of their home, Finnmark in Norway.

With more than a decade of experience behind them, this Norwegian duo has been treating listeners to outlaw country and Americana tones. Their songs have found radio play across the world from Europe to New Zealand. This single not only continues the sound and style of their music, but includes a message that is waiting for you to uncover.

From the first moment, the track ‘Boots and Overcoat’ drops you into folky sea tones. The music has this paced feeling that makes you want to jump around and dance to it. The flute that drives the chorus is wonderful, as it brings the spray of the sea to your skin and the salty scent of the ocean to your nostrils. The rise and fall of the melody adds to the catchy vibes of the song, while the drums have you tapping to them throughout. It is an addictive melody that is a lot of fun to listen to.

While the music is captivating and engaging, the vocals and storytelling lyrics are fantastic. They draw you in with an introduction and an overview of the fictional fisherman’s life. The story of the track spirals into debt, repossession and eviction. While there is a sad spiral of loss in the story, there is also the dream of the fisherman that lightens everything. Through the story, the band urges us to follow our dreams and embrace the happiness that the fisherman felt while out on the seas. This message has been tactfully woven into a single that is easy to connect with and a pure blast to listen to.

Down South Pepper Band has you dancing around to the tale of a fisherman and tactfully leading you to an important message in ‘Boots and Overcoat’. The melody is engaging and catchy as it makes you want to jump around and tap your feet to the rhythm. While moving to the music, the vocals pull you into the story of the fisherman and the happiness he finds on the sea.

Find out more about Down South Pepper Band on their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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