David Mac – Nobody but You (2021)

Falling in love with someone who matches your energy can be euphoric, yet overwhelming. These dual emotions have been captured by David Mac and transformed into the alternative RnB single ‘Nobody but You’. While bringing these two feelings to the fore, Mac offers a new dimension of calm through lyrics that were written at an important time for him.

Touching and heartfelt, the single carries a soft resonance that has you drifting toward a calm sense of euphoria. Riding the waves made by his debut single, Mac continues to touch the hearts of listeners and explore emotions. This emerging artist is slowly making a name for himself, both as a solo artist and a member of New Age Notion.

‘Nobody but You’ grabs your attention with a beat that is similar to a heartbeat and the lightest of higher tones. This slides into a smooth RnB flow that is seductive and sultry. You can feel the richness of the sound sliding against your skin, drawing you further into the melody. The backing of the melody is a swirl of colours that mesmerises you and has you floating to the main melodic line.

While the music is rich and mesmerising, it is Mac’s vocals that are the real star of the single. His voice rings out through the rich melody for a heartfelt and emotive movement. Through the lyrics, he unleashes his affection that sits on the border of overwhelming. As the single progresses, he fills every inch of your spirit with the euphoria of falling in love with someone for the first time. His performance picks up the seductive richness of the music and rests on your senses like satin. It is a heady exploration of emotion as he pulls you into the euphoria of love and slowly piles it on to creep toward overwhelming.

David Mac slowly builds on the euphoria of falling in love to bring the sense of overwhelming emotion to ‘Nobody but You’. The music is seductive and rich as it draws you into a swirl of colours. Mac’s vocals resonate through the soundscape and carefully fills your veins with the emotions of the single.

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