Dream Theater @ The Met, Philadelphia (08.03.22)

Two years after music had been silenced, progressive rock masters Dream Theater return to the stage in Philadelphia promoting last year’s release A View from the Top of the World. Every tour is definitely unique and different as this time around the band featured five new songs alongside a handpicked few spanning their luscious music career.

The two-hour set was flawless with just ten songs rounding out the band’s entire live experience. Dream Theater featured a handful of newly recorded favourites that had them opening their set with ‘The Alien’, among several others many of which haven’t been performed in quite some time such as ‘Bridges in The Sky’, ‘About to Crash’, and ‘The Ministry of Lost Souls’ – three songs I don’t think I have ever heard them play live. Many of us who have enjoyed this great band from day one always walk away feeling amazing after sitting centre stage. This time around, in a venue they never played before, was no exception but yet another fantastic show.

Dream Theater’s incredible talent never goes unnoticed either on stage or in some form of a recording. Five musicians have one element in mind and that is to give fans the gift of music that can last a lifetime as many of us sitting in the first five rows (myself included) had another opportunity to see an over the top performance in a small intimate setting. Live music is the best form of entertainment and if the opportunity comes your way get out and see your favourite band.

Photography credit to Steve Trager.

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