Ellie Madeland – Mother, Mother (2022)

Ellie Madeland had us floating on a sea of synths while her ethereal vocals floated overhead in her debut single ‘Out of Nowhere’. With her second single ‘Mother, Mother’, she is taking her haunting vocals toward a darker flow, with a touch of electronica. Inspired by a collection of letters between Madeland and her mother during her childhood, the single looks at loss, desperation and bewilderment.

Wrapped into these uncertain and sad emotions is a catharsis that allows the casting off of harboured bitterness. As the single focuses on forgiveness, Madeland draws on the punch of post-punk only to thread in some contemporary melancholy. A delightful follow-up to her debut single, this track shows the versatility of her music.

‘Mother, Mother’ wavers with an electronic wash through the opening that brings a light touch to the soundscape. The tones float through the air like the Northern lights, while the splash of drums beneath adds texture to the melody. There is a dark wave feeling to the melody as it reaches out into the inky blackness of night. You can feel a delicate sweep of gothic tones through the melody that seems to come and go throughout the single. The melody does have a minimalistic feeling at times, but this gives way to the depths of the wavering electronic tones. Through the melodic arrangement, Madeland draws you into a contemplative space where you can honestly confess your feelings.

Against the melody, Madeland’s vocals are haunting as she enters with a whisper of insecurity. The lyrics have a very personal feeling to them as they dip into feelings of loss and bewilderment over what is happening. You can feel the desperation to understand threaded into her performance which is stunning in its emotive power. Her performance has a sombre feeling that drops it lower than the ethereal performance in her debut track. This highlights the power and emotive control she has over her voice while squeezing your heart. Even if you have never felt the same emotions, her performance is able to fill your soul with her feelings. While her performance has a heavy hit of negative emotions, the lyrics slowly bring a sense of catharsis as you learn to move past the bitterness and sadness.

Ellie Madeland draws you into a contemplative space where you can honestly discuss emotions and move toward catharsis in ‘Mother, Mother’. The melody is a wonderful combination of dark wave and electronica that reaches out into the inky darkness of the soundscape. Madeland’s vocals are haunting as they bring the emotion of the track to your ears and squeeze your heart.

Find out more about Ellie Madeland on her website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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