Track of the Day: Drew Danburry – Song To Long

For almost two decades, singer-songwriter Drew Danburry has been merging indie-rock with folk. Mostly a solo artist, Danburry has toured extensively and released original material independently; however, he has some experience as part of bands performing with Blood Eagle, For All The Girls, Palace of Sin and Like Listen To. Featured on Prism Reviews, Backseat Mafia, Americana-UK, Slug Mag, iHeart and several other radio stations, Danburry is reaching audiences across the globe. The latest to his well-received discography is the single ‘Song To Long’.

Taking a quick glance at his Spotify, you will see that Danburry has several full-length albums to date; however, we’re taking a brief look at the singles. The first single of 2021, ‘Song To Long’ moves from the bedroom-pop tone of ‘Goldie, For Dave and Cami’ to a charming folk-pop sound. A mild reminiscence to The Beatles exists in the melody with a jangle-pop guitar playing throughout the single. Yet, while ‘Song To Long’ has an upbeat pop sound there is a rock-influenced element woven into this shimmering blanket of harmonic melodies.

Acoustic-inspired, there is a simplicity to ‘Song To Long’ despite several instruments playing their part in the single. While there is a soothing flow to the melody, it is Danburry’s rich vocals that make ‘Song To Long’ robust. A mild gruffness is evident in Dunburry’s tone and timbre incorporating a sort of “rough and tumble” effect. Thing is, the roughness is only superficial as his voice is bold and soothing wrapping you in a warm hug.

Anthemic with a catchy chorus, the mid-tempo track is infectious and awe-inspiring. I can easily see it being performed live around a campfire or on repeat while I’m driving home from a long day at work. All in all, it’s just great fun and a nod to the rustic-ness of life.

For more from Drew Danburry check out his Bandcamp and Spotify.

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