Drissy Parker – Night/Fall (2020)

Drissy Parker has captured a late-night feeling with bleeding waves of RnB and hip-hop on his single ‘Night/Fall’. Looking at the intimacy and privacy of a relationship without any strings attached, the single couples this with a complete lack of faith in love. This duality of sound and emotion creates a heady listening experience that encapsulates a feeling that is often indescribable.

This glance at duality showcases the skills Parker has honed over the years as a music producer, rapper and singer. He started his musical journey as a rapper before expanding into RnB which was his first love. Over time, he has swirled his musical skills into masterful late-night vibes leading to him being touted as the King of The Late Night Vibes.

‘Night/Fall’ softly drapes twilight over your shoulders through the gentle vibrations of the opening. Hip-hop and trap beats slowly build from the opening adding to the late-night vibes of the music. There is something about the soundscape that makes you think of neon lights in a rain-soaked cityscape. This is enhanced by the rippling higher notes that flutter across your ears and weave between the beats and vocals. Every musical line combines to create a soft night-time contemplation. There is a very interesting change in tone in the track as the higher notes take centre stage.

It is not only the melody that fills you with heady late-night vibes as Parker’s vocals creep through the twilight of the music. His smooth flow pulls you into the lyrics and vibes of the music. There is an intimacy to his performance that closes in on you, but this is tempered by an easiness that lets you go at any time. It is a wonderful encapsulation of the duality set out in the lyrics.

Drissy Parker fills you with intimate late-night vibes while contemplating relationships with no strings and having no faith in love with ‘Night/Fall’. The single perfectly captures his prowess with late-night vibes as the music sends your creeping through a dark cityscape while the vocals wrap you in intimate yet free vibes.

Find out more about Drissy Parker on his Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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