Loose T – Brexit (2020)

Punk and politics have often gone hand-in-hand and Loose T is bringing this back with her debut single ‘Brexit’. Hitting out with a wave of angry feminist punk targeting British politics and Brexit in particular, she has you pumped up. Using a medley of instrumentation and emotion, she shouts for those who are angry and sings for those who want to be happier.

A trained cellist, writer and activist, she found that cello music was not angry enough for her emotions. Instead, she turned to punk to vent her frustrations at all the things that don’t make sense in the world including politics. While the single pulses with her anger, it is relatable even if you don’t have any strong feelings about Brexit and British politics.

‘Brexit’ uses a progressive opening full of beats that slowly get your heart beating to them. The melody has a wonderful avant-garde feeling to it as it hits you from all sides. The beats have an angry vibe to them that lightly pounds against you while the guitars skitter across the soundscape. The experimental movement of the melody captures pulses of emotions that you feel when considering politics. At times, the melody pulses with anger before simmering down only to be reignited.

Loose T’s vocals have a wonderful post-punk vibe as she outlines all her anger. While there is a punk feeling to the music and vocals, the aggression is melodic with a pop-punk edge. The lyrics are a personal expression of anger, but the emotions threaded into her performance are relatable. This is particularly clear on the chorus which makes you want to shout out along with it.

Loose T brings an avant-garde yet melodic anger to your ears with her debut single ‘Brexit’. The music has an interesting movement that captures the flux of emotions in relation to politics. Her vocals are an aggressive push at the establishment that makes you want to shout out with them.

Find out more about Loose T on her website, Facebook, Twitter and Spotify.

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