Driver 45 – Easy Go (2021)

Combining elements of grunge, alt-rock and indie-rock, US-based Driver 45 may be the lovechild of Radiohead and Franz Ferdinand. An unabashedly forceful trio, the lads can enter your brain, reverberate down your spine and send you into a kaleidoscopic whirlpool of sound in a few seconds. Following the release of their debut EP, EP, last year, the band have been featured in Roadie Music, Press Party and several playlists. We introduce you to this group with their single ‘Easy Go’.

Bringing together diverse influences when the trio formed Driver 45, the band has an obscure but dynamic sound that, as the band puts it, “…great for a night out but you don’t want it to end.” Taken off their latest EP Anger, Secrets & Lies, ‘Easy Go’ is a track bringing old-school rock to contemporary society. Combining pounding drums with forceful guitars, the melody has a hard-hitting quality; however, it seems to simmer beneath before hitting crescendos into catchy choruses.

Touching on issues of inner turmoil, angst and indifference, ‘Easy Go’ showcases depth and a powerful awareness of life in its fullness. The delicate, although not so delicate considering the grittiness of Brad’s vocals, exploration of human fragility tips you into a whirlpool of profound, intense and intimate music. Unapologetic in its brashness, Brad (vocals and guitar), Jon (bass) and Ian (drums) expose the griminess of society in a brutally honest, but sincere way.

Considering the lads have performed at iconic venues like the Viper Room, the Rainbow Room and Whiskey A-Go-Go, Driver 45 prove themselves to be a notable live band. When I listen to ‘Easy Go’ and their other tracks, I have to admit they are definitely a band to be enjoyed live. Anthemic, enthusiastic and intriguing, I can see people swaying to their music and enjoying each second. I can’t wait for more from Driver 45.

For more from Driver 45 check out their Instagram and Spotify.

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