Corpulent Provocateur – Test (2020)

Corpulent Provocateur is hitting out with their most straightforward single so far. While ‘Test’ offers brevity, there is also a change in the atmosphere that comes with the band’s raw and explosive sound. Combining clear lyricism with funky rhythms, psychedelic trips and some heavy yet melodic tones, the band offers a peppered sound that will get you hooked.

Josef, Jiri and Tomas came together in 2014 as an instrumental jam band before turning into an alt-rock trio. They soon started writing their own material and hit the local studio for their first album. Since then, they have been capturing the ears of fans across Europe. Raising the bar with their technically demanding music, they infuse some gallows humour for an enjoyable listening experience.

‘Test’ pulses with an electrifying guitar line from the first second. The explosive melody has a funky beat that filters up from the depths. The music has a slight hint of psychedelia resting in the lower levels of the bass, but this does not detract from the overall funky flow. The melodic elements in the music have you moving to the rhythm whether it is tapping your foot or swaying as you listen. The music does take a dip close to the end of the track allowing the vocals to carry the melody

For most of the single, the vocals add to the funky flow of the melody. While the vocals continue the funky vibe of the music, there is something raw about the performance. The straightforward lyrics work very well with the melody to hit you with the vibes of the track. Later in the single, the vocals take a slight soaring flow when the melody dips.

If the music didn’t get you lost in the funky sounds, the accompanying music video will fill you with the vibes. The style of the video is unconventional, but this only seems to capture the essence of the band and their sound. There is an interesting interplay of reverse images with forward movements. The video really captivates and you can’t help but watch and wonder what is going to happen.

Corpulent Provocateur hits you with their most straightforward single, ‘Test’ which is packed with funky tones and heavy melodic elements. The single showcases a different side of the band but has a mesmerising thread of their explosive and raw sound.

Find out more about Corpulent Provocateur on their website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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