Dust In The Sunlight – Dust In The Sunlight (2020)

Dust in the Sunlight is an indie-pop duo formed after a chance meeting. Billy Wright and Annie Rew Shaw quickly discovered that their vocals meld together and wrote their first two songs the evening after meeting. Their songwriting is based on Shaw’s ear for a great melody and Wright’s eye for narrative lyrics. The pair have now released their anticipated EP Dust In The Sunlight.

The four-track EP is a representation of the first leg of their musical journey together. Each song tells a story in a way that is easy to connect with. The album exists to take the listener somewhere.

The first and title track is ‘Dust in the Sunlight’ and has a simple by captivating opening. Shaw’s vocals take over from the opening to keep you hooked. There is an increase in tempo to the melody that drives the song forward while the vocal performance keeps a hold on you.

‘Strangest Places’ has a faster opening and a different melodic tone that works very well with the harmonisation of the vocals. Wright and Shaw’s vocal melding is perfectly highlighted in this track as they both sing the entire song. While the melody is faster than the opening track, there is a lot of melodic nuances that is a pleasure to listen to.

‘Winter Monday’ opens with bird song and a gentle guitar that sets the scene. This song continues with Wrights vocals that set a soothing tone to the track that is carried on with the harmonisations in the chorus. This is possibly my favourite of the EP as the weaving of the melody and vocals creates a calming and warm nook for you to relax in.

The last track is ‘Old Dream’ and has a much sadder note to it than the rest of the EP. The melody has a melancholic note to it with the strings melding with the acoustic guitar and piano. The vocal performance has a number of layers that are wonderful to listen to and artfully executed.

Dust in the Sunlight takes you on a musical journey in their self-titled EP. While the EP only has four tracks, each hits you in a different way. They are all beautifully executed and showcase the powerful melding of the duo’s vocals.

Find out more about Dust in the Sunlight on their website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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