Matthew Barton – When I Was Young (2020)

Matthew Barton has always been interested in words and their power. Feeling that they are particularly powerful when connected to music, he has been releasing songs since 2017. His latest track ‘When I Was Young’ is the first off his upcoming EP due around 21 August.

The song is a taste of what is to come and was inspired by Fleetwood Mac. An early version of the song was featured on Counterzine’s Banders complication earlier this year. This nostalgic track was recorded and mixed on a four-track recorder then mastered by Sam Wain.

‘When I Was Young’ hooks you from the first note with a plaintive guitar opening. The melody is steady and gentle with a great late 60s folk vibe. The steady guitar throughout the track forms the foundation for the harmonisations and lyrics of the song.

Barton’s vocals are as soothing and gentle as the melody of the song. He enters like an extension of the guitar and softly relays the healing feeling of the track. This song relaxes you in a way few other songs on the scene do and leaves you feeling at peace with the world at the end.

Matthew Barton uses a range of instruments and soothing vocals to create a Fleetwood Mac vibe in ‘When I Was Young’. This slow folk song leaves you feeling peaceful and at ease with the world. It is the perfect track to listen to after a hard day.

Find out more about Matthew Barton on his Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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