Earthquake Don’t Give a Fuck – Destroy (2020)

The first track off their upcoming debut album, ‘Destroy’ sets your expectations for Earthquake Don’t Give a Fuck. Using fast-paced music and jagged notes, they discuss the breakdown of a relationship and the hostility that follows. There is an intensity to this track that puts you on edge while blowing you away.

While the band was intended to be a duo, founding members Greg DePante and Keith Waggoner needed more players for the sound to develop. They were joined by Kevin McLaughlin and Greg Rushin on 2019 along with Shannon De Jong. Brandon Goldstein has since replaced DePante on drums after he moved, but he does not play on the album.

The band wastes no time getting you into the frenetic energy of ‘Destroy’ as the vocals hit you from the first second. There is a racing tempo to the melody that gets your pulse racing. The guitar riffs add to the fast pace of the song driving you through the verses. The crashing drums add more pace to the choruses that draws you in while blowing you away at the same time. There is a sense of disharmony in the melody, but all the elements come together to create an intense and jagged musical foundation for the vocals.

While the melody offers sharp edges, the vocals are very smooth. There is this infectious energy to the vocal performance that will have you singing along to the chorus. Through the frenetic performance, you can hear the hostility of the lyrics and emotions of a bad breakup.

Earthquake Don’t Give a Fuck blows you away with the frenetic energy of their single ‘Destroy’. The crashing pace of the melody builds up in you while the hostility of the lyrics shines in the vocal performance.

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