Track of the Day: Storm – Sinnerville

Hailing from South Africa, but now residing in the United States of America, Storm is a hard rock artist with one hell of an attitude. Travelling about the place from China to Hungary, Storm has gathered some life experience that she expresses through her music. The latest song from this talented artist is ‘Sinnerville’.

Gritty and grungy, ‘Sinnerville’ is a song that gets under your skin and makes you tingle from head to toe. The inspiration from Halestorm is highly evident with Storm’s throaty vocals being reminiscent of Lzzy Hale herself. Breathtakingly raw, Storm finds that balance between nu-metal and hard rock while showing a deep vulnerability in her vocals. If this is my introduction to Storm, I am eager to see what other edgy items she has to offer.

“The song is set in a dark, grunge Alice In Wonderland wherein Alice is struggling with addiction in whatever form it can come. With this song, I hope to shed light on addiction, specifically the addiction of self-harm because I have gone through that same struggle myself.”

Find out more about Storm on her Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.

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