EB – Dance With Me (2020)

Most people have experienced an evening where they would like to be anywhere other than where they are. EB has captured this desire in her single ‘Dance With Me’ through the melancholic soundscape. Drawing on strong female personalities, she offers her rebellion as she tired of pretending, lying and hiding what she really wants.

Continuing to use her music as a way to reveal secrets of life, she layers her sound with sincerity and honesty for a relatable tale. Sonically influenced by 60s folk, she combines this with a modern edge for a touching sound that delves far below the surface. Threaded into the soundscape is her love for classical music and the skills she has honed over the years.

The melodic guitar opening of ‘Dance With Me’ gets your head moving to the rhythm before the beats come in. There is an effortless catchiness to the melody as the guitar combines with deep beats and high twinkling tones. The flow of the melody swirls into a light melancholy that makes you think about staring out the window at nothing. There is something about the melody that makes you think about those times when you want to be somewhere else or are just done with everything. It is an extremely emotive melody that you can’t really deny.

The melancholy of the track is enhanced by EB’s vocals. Her soft vocals at the start of the song have a tired feeling to them woven into a thread of longing for something more. On the chorus, there is a pick-up in her performance that takes it to another level. As the song progresses, her performance builds in power to fill you with a sense of letting go and doing what you want. This is a freeing moment that helps you shrug off expectations and rebel against the status quo.

EB captures the desire to be somewhere else while offering her rebellion against the status quo in ‘Dance With Me’. The layered melody has a wonderful modern edge that builds as the song progresses. Her vocals add the extra hint of melancholy before shrugging off expectations and lifting you up.

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