.Fen – Life Is So Beautiful (2021)

Life can often become bogged down with everything seeming to press in on us making moving forward seem impossible. If you are struggling to see the silver lining or the brightness of the world, .Fen is here to help. With his aptly titled single ‘Life Is So Beautiful’, he reminds us of everything that makes life worth living.

Written during lockdown when a lot of people were struggling to see the good, .Fen infuses positivity and bright colours into each word. Mixing some funk and Motown together, he covers them in a solid pop layer for an upbeat, uplifting and optimistic sound. Through the positive mixture of his music, he shows why he was nominated for the ‘Octaves de la Musique’.

‘Life Is So Beautiful’ has you feeling the good vibes from the first moment. There is a rather infectious happiness to the melody. Every beat and tone of the music has a bright energy and fills you with the warmth of a summer’s day. Light electronic twinkles are glittering bubbles of laughter while the beats have a swaying party vibe. As you listen to the single, you can’t help but feel lighter and filled with everything that is good in the world.

As the melody has you bubbling with positive vibes, .Fen’s vocals bring an extra dose of happiness. The whistling of the opening brings you perfectly to his vocals that shine a positive light on the journey of life. As the lyrics sink their warm tendrils into your chest, you start to look at life through a different lens. The really catchy movement of his vocals bring sunshine to your day and you will want to sing along or at the very least hum to the rhythm. Throughout the day, you are likely to be hit with snatches of the single and they are going to make you smile and feel better about life.

.Fen fills you with bliss, happiness and a greater appreciation of the world through the infectious positive vibes of ‘Life Is So Beautiful’. There is no way to listen to this song and not feel better about life by the end of it. Every melodic element adds a new layer of brightness and optimism while making you smile with happiness.

Find out more about .Fen on his website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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