Edgar Allan Poets – Last Dance (2021)

Inspired by the likes of Alfred Hitchcock and Edgar Allan Poe, the rock duo Edgar Allan Poets have a distinctively dark and intense sound. A mish-mash of melodic metal, grunge and classical music, the lads bring a Beethoven-esque traditionalism to the grittier rock sounds. Formed by Italian singer-songwriter Chris Mariotti and Nordic drummer The Shadow, the US-based pair is turning heads with their provocative music. The latest addition to their critically acclaimed repertoire is the single ‘Last Dance’.

Following their melodic metal-inspired single ‘White Noise’, ‘Last Dance’ nods toward the 90s Seattle grunge sounds. Highly reminiscent of old-school Nirvana and Radiohead, ‘Last Dance’ adopts a heavy, hard-hitting style. Yet, while this could be a Nirvana track, The Poets add their own gothic quality to the single leaving taking your breath away from the first chord. Known for substantial and palpable music, ‘Last Dance’ is another demonstration of the duo’s spine-chilling intensity and intimacy.

Written as a song about the frustrations of sitting in traffic, ‘Last Dance’ seems to be an anthemic track for people nowadays. Yet, while there seems an obvious simplicity to the lyricism there is an underlying profoundness…so like Poe. Touching on anxiety, annoyance and near-insane stress levels, The Poets delicately explore the passive-aggressiveness of dealing with a difficult situation. Once again, there is a double meaning to the poignant lyricism as Mariotti adds lingering empowerment, hopefulness and optimistic coping.

Yes, the lyrics are intense but it is the execution that makes the soul-stirring. The arrangement of pounding drums with swelling guitar solos adds a melodic metal quality showcasing The Poets’ innovativeness. While the fieriness of the instrumentation can evoke underlying anger, Mariotti’s gruff vocals carry you from angst to soothing sincerity. Filled with raw honesty, Edgar Allan Poets impress me once again with their breath-taking, genre-defying style.

In addition to their single, Edgar Allan Poets released an official lyrics video for ‘Last Dance’. You can view the video here.

For more from Edgar Allan Poets check out their official website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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