Get Born – The Never Ending List of Things I’ve Got To Do (2021)

Life is multi-faceted but the mundane parts of our existence are often overlooked in the musical world. This is not what Get Born is doing with his EP The Never Ending List of Things I’ve Got To Do. Through the tracks of this EP, he takes on the small and the absurd in life for a melodic rant about everything. Drinking a wonderful venting spirit to the songs, he expresses a lot of the things many of us want to get off our chests.

From working at Burger King to complaining about technology and capitalism, the EP is engaging from start to finish. Through the musings of Mason Feurer, this solo project has a lot to say that gets you thinking about your own life. Self-recorded over the past few years, the EP showcases just what this project has to offer.

The EP opens with ‘Trevor (Never) Smiles’ which is simultaneously about technology and high-functioning autism. The song opens with a dreamy sound that has you floating in the soundscape before the vocals hit. There is a haziness to them that is all dream pop and mellow vibes. Under the haziness is a softly driving guitar that moves you along the pastel coloured tones. The lyrics have an interesting edge to them as they float across your brain like thoughts that flittering through your brain too quickly for you to grab onto them.

‘Ice Age’ takes a more expansive turn with an opening that slowly dawns like the breaking of a new day. The dreaminess of the vocals continues in this track, but there is a different vibe to it. This new vibe works perfectly with the lyrics that consider self-destruction, boredom and clarity. Through the melody, you are lulled into that floating moment of boredom where every minute blends together. This is tempered by the lyrics and vocals that lead you through a journey to clarity of the situation you are in.

The lightly twanging tones of ‘Absurdist’ bring an abstract feeling with them. You can almost imagine a psychedelic wash of colours running down a wall as you listen. While bringing a floating feeling of absurdity, the lyrics have a much deeper consideration resting in them. They look at bad habits while trying the best you can in a given situation. There is a lot that you can connect with in this song as you float to the musings of trying but always feeling that you are falling short.

‘The Never Ending List’ has a very nostalgic yet light vibe to it. There is a touch of summer tones to the music that brings a false sense of what the song is actually about. As you slide into the lyrics, you are confronted with some serious existential questions and the constant feeling that you should be doing something. In the fast-paced world we live in, these feelings are always there and have been expertly contrasted with a melody that is all relaxation and slowing down to do nothing for a little while. There is a great movement to the music that has you swaying to it even as you fall into the depths of the messaging.

The almost folky tones of ‘King Burger’ bring an earthy edge to the EP which is ideal for this track. Looking at working at a fast-food restaurant and listening to what co-workers have to say, the single brings a dusting of nostalgia. This is not as heavy as the last track which works with the more playful lyrics. The vocal performance also has a more upbeat vibe to it but this has been artfully laced over a deep tiredness. This is a great sonic representation of how a lot of people feel when at work.

The EP comes to a close with ‘Ode to Capitalism’ which is actually a lament over the way the system is not working and the frustration this brings. The harmonica that opens the track rests delightfully on the strummed guitar. The vocals lose some of the dreaminess that has characterised the EP so far but retains an airy edge. This brings an old-school feeling to the song that is wonderful to hear. The easiness of the movement enhances the vocals and lyrics letting you connect with them easily.

Get Born lets out everything he wants to say about a range of topics in The Never Ending List of Things I’ve Got To Do. The EP has a dreamy and vibe that comes through in the hazy vocals and floating melodies. Each song takes on a different aspect of life while letting all the emotions and frustrations we feel about them loose.

Find out more about Get Born on his Spotify.

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