Edge of Desire – Lost (2020)

Edge of Desire is an alternative rock band and prepared to take over your playlists. Childhood friends Dan Fraser (vocals, guitar) and Caleb Hartley (bass guitar) are hitting out with a fresh sound with hints of the past. With their EP Lost, they are making their official introduction to the world.

Lost is made up of four new songs that stand up on their own and introduce you to everything the band has to offer. Blending different genres from alternative to dance to new-age emo, each track packs a nostalgic punch with new vibes thrown in. The heartfelt lyrics pack in the emotions making this EP one amazing introduction.

Lost starts with ‘Open Minds’ opening with strong piano notes before Fraser’s vocals take over. This track has a very pop-rock vibe to it. The vocal performance is emotive and strong while being bolstered by the melody and instruments. This is a very catchy track and you will find yourself singing along to the chorus.

‘Lying’ draws a bit more on dance vibes which is clear from the opening and the beat. This track gets you bopping your head before it swings to slower and angsty tones. The vocals on this track draw you into the rise and fall of the melody and the journey of the lyrics. The crescendo of the track is amazing and the perfect jump from the build-up in the song.

‘Know’ is slower and tugs at your heartstrings through the lyrics, smooth performance and instruments. This song is very different from the others on the EP and a clear show of the musical prowess of the band. ‘Know’ leaves you feeling emotional at the end and is a perfect intimate inclusion.

The last track of the EP is ‘Send Me Home’ and brings out more pop-rock vibes. The song has a raw honesty in both the music and the lyrics. Overall, the track is very interesting because there is an intricate play between larger-than-life moments and emotive slower vocals.

Edge of Desire tugs at your emotions one moment before flinging you into mosh-pit mode the next with their EP Lost. Each track is so different to the rest, but work as a collection to highlight the power of the band. It is hard to choose a favourite from the tracks, but with the differences in each, you can easily add them all to your favourite playlist.

Find out more about Edge of Desire on their website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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