Without My Addiction – Innocence Of Bliss (2020)

Hailing from Norfolk, UK, Without My Addiction is a four-piece hard rock band. Connor Dunn (vocals), Damon Singer (guitar, vocals), Oliver Rogers (guitar) and Becky Jones (drums) came together through a love of music in 2018. They are now showing off their musical prowess with their new EP Innocence of Bliss.

The inspiration for the EP is how easy it can be to judge a book by its cover. What is happening behind closed doors can be very different from the first impression you get. Each of the tracks on Innocence of Bliss comes from a personal experience adding a little something special to them.

The first track is ‘In The Name Of Progress’ and tells the story of an outsider looking in. The track opens with heavy guitars and builds up the pace before Dunn’s vocals hit. The music hooks you, but the lyrics are what really make the track. They have a depth to them and are performed perfectly.

As the title suggests ‘Say You Love Me’ is a track about love. This song is a slightly different take on the topic as it looks at how crazy love can make you. The guitar opening sets the tone of the track and has a bit of a 90s vibe to it.

‘Olanzapine’ continues the guitar openings, but the vocal performance is a little toned down. There is an emotional thread throughout this track that draws you to the lyrics. They tell the story of how mental health can affect your life and cause things to fall to pieces.

‘Confined’ hooks you from the start with the guitars and drumbeat in the opening. The vocals also have a different vibe and tone to them. When listening to the lyrics, you might think this is another take on love. However, the track is darker and outlines the struggles caused by toxicity in relationships. The music in this track builds the foundation of this message and work perfectly with the lyrics and performance to drive it home.

The last track is ‘Already Broken’ and is a little hard to pin down. Sonically, the track has everything you want from heavy guitar riffs to drums that make you want to move. This combines with tantalising lyrics that are easy to relate to. The message in this track might be different for everyone, but it does connect with you on so many levels.

Without My Addiction makes you take a deeper look with Innocence of Bliss. The EP covers everything from love making you crazy to the toxicity in some relationships and being on the outside looking in. All the songs are based on personal experiences which makes them hit harder as you feel the emotions in the music and vocal performance.

Find out more about Without My Addiction on their Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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