El Di3go – Shore (2021)

Using the moniker of El Di3go, Germany-based artist Diego Guerrero is fusing elements of pop, hip-hop and rap in a unique way. Drawing influences from acts like 2Pac and Michael Jackson, Guerrero might be described to younger audiences as having a Justin Bieber meets YUNGBLUD sound. The comparisons may be made, but Guerrero does retain a distinct quality with his bold, rich and toe-tapping style.

Embracing music at age 10, Guerrero knew he was made to be a musician. At age 15 he was rapping and writing music, and at age 16 he was part of the boyband Habama Brothers. Unfortunately, Habama Brothers disbanded but that did not dissuade Guerrero who went forward to become El Di3go. The latest addition to his intriguing discography is the single ‘SHORE.

Following his collaborative single ‘Boomshakalaka’, Guerrero adopts a more emotional approach in ‘SHORE’. While the track could easily fit in amidst a pop or rap playlist, ‘SHORE’ has true originality. Drawing on his Dominican heritage, Guerrero adds a reggaeton vibe to the new single making it quite a head-bopping song.

Known for using music as a means of escapism, Guerrero takes you to another level with the personal narrative. While there is a slow steadiness to the single, ‘SHORE’ is an optimistic track plunging you into a bubblegum pink bubble of sound. The sonic representation of joy and hopefulness, Guerrero uses interspersed guitars with steady beats in a melodic way. In some cases, the beatbox can cause a jarring effect but Guerrero showcases his eclecticism creating a smooth, flowing song despite its brashness.

As a producer and singer-songwriter, Guerrero finds self-production an essential part of making original music. Knowing it is only one person behind ‘SHORE’ is fascinating. The diversity of his skills and inspiring arrangements show El Di3go is an artist for his work is true artistry.

In addition to the single, El Di3go released a music video for ‘Shore’. You can view it HERE.

For more from El Di3go check out his Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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