Midori Jaeger – Touch (2021)

Physical touch can bring as much comfort as it can harm. Midori Jaeger is exploring the evolving nature of physical affection in the aptly titled single ‘Touch’. With intricate and hypnotic tones, Jaeger considers how we can’t help how a person’s touch makes us feel and how familiar touches can turn from comforting to odd and hollow.

Continuing her unafraid exploration of personal challenges, Jaeger lifts you on unforgettable cello textures. A classically trained cellist, she melds the haunting chords of the instrument with abstract lyrics and expansive movements. While asking some heavy questions, she artfully explores a layer of human existence that is not often tackled in song.

The percussion that opens ‘Touch’ really grabs your attention as it is so different to everything else you might be listening to. There is an interesting movement to the base tones of the melody. This is washed with ethereal wisps that flutter against your cheeks. As the song progresses, the melody moves to a sense of awakening as it rises from the almost muted depths of the first moments. Rising from the depths are light and bright tones that dance around the swell of the cello. The melody is very rich with this sliding luxury that you can’t help but rest back into.

Jaeger’s vocals have an almost jazzy touch to them as she slides against the melody. The lyrics have a dark poetry to them as you are drawn into the contemplation of touch. Her voice rises on the chorus for an otherworldly vibe that sends shivers down your spine. The rise and fall of her performance are amazing as it captures the emotional changes that come over a relationship. Woven into the vocals is a questioning of the evolution of touch and what it means when it no longer bring comfort.

Midori Jaeger draws you into a soundscape that is quite unlike any other while musing on the evolution of touch in her single ‘Touch’. Using an intricate and rich melody, she effortlessly draws you into the reflective yet hypnotic tones. Her vocals rise and fall against the melody to send shivers through you while questioning what changes in the emotional response to touch really mean.

Find out more about Midori Jaeger on her Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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