Eleanor Idlewood – Akito’s Madness (2021)

When attempting a little remix of ‘Akito’ from the album Little Secret, Eleanor Idlewood stumbled into something completely new. The addition of sequencers and sound effects brought a new life to the single and resulted in ‘Akito’s Madness’. While the structure of the track remains the same, the wash of electronic sounds and new movements has created something amazingly different.

Drawing on inspiration from Kraftwerk, he blasts through your ears with the sound of electronica. As part of his upcoming album Little Secrets, Remixes and Fantasies, the track gets you excited about how the other remixes have turned out. While he brings a touch of nostalgia with 80s synth-pop vibes, the track offers a uniquely modern edge that you can’t get anywhere else.

‘Akito’s Madness’ rises with a pulsing of synths that flash lights through your senses. The steady pace of these opening beats is met by a skittering of tones that veer off to the side only to meet up with you again. From the first moment, there is a touch of nostalgia to the melody as you get a light dusting of old-school synths. This dances lightly over the more modern movement that pulls you further into the single. As the song progresses, that steady line waxes and wanes but continues to call to you and draw you down the path of the track.

As you walk this path, the higher tones swirl and mist over you. It is an interesting interplay of steady and fleeting. Those higher tones pick up the pace at times to get your heart rate up slightly only to drop with a tumble. The different higher levels come and go through a rather masterful arrangement that lets each grab your attention before it flitters off into the sonic ether. While the track is titled ‘Akito’s Madness’, there is nothing really crazy about it as you are steadily led down a path of electronic lights.

Eleanor Idlewood revisits and reimagines with a mixture of steady yet fleeting electronic tones in ‘Akito’s Madness’. The steady line of pulsing electronic notes leads you down the flashing lights of the single. The higher levels are packed with fleeting sounds and tones that meet and veer off before tumbling in a cascade of sound.

Find out more about Eleanor Idlewood on his website, Instagram and Spotify.

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