Tom Saint – Halloween XXXmas (2020)

Watching your relationship turn from a Christmas wish into a Halloween nightmare can be crushing. If you are looking for a song that lets all the venom you have in your life out, ‘Halloween XXXmas’ by Tom Saint is the one you are looking for. The single unapologetically spills the tea and lets out all the negative feelings this relationship transition causes.

Using his nu-emo style, Saint reflects on how volatile emotions can be and the negative impact they have can on your mental health. The effect your partner and the choices you make have on you are also considered in the single. While the single has a very personal meaning, the performance and tone of the track make it easy for anyone to connect with.

‘Halloween XXXmas’ has an eery guitar line that opens the song. This is combined with a somewhat haunting vocal line that draws you into the main performance. Saint’s vocals have a sombre and dark feeling to it that perfectly matches the lyrics and story of the track. The venom of the performance is not as aggressive as you might think, but there is a great passive-aggressive vibe to the track. Through the vocals, he calls out the relationship and the negative emotions caused in a way that is so easy to connect with.

Below the vocals, the eery opening guitar line continues to draw you into the single as it melds with this dark pulsing beat. There is a hint of trap to the melody but this is drenched in an emo vibe. There is a driving movement on the chorus, but this is tempered by light notes trickling in and adding to the eery vibe. The warbling notes later in the track are great as they add this additional sense to the song.

Tom Saint hits out with a different type of breakup song in ‘Halloween XXXmas’ which is packed full of understated venom. The dark tones of the track are amazing and combine with his passive-aggressive vocals for a sonic experience.

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