Electric High – Morning Star (2021)

Electric High are showing off their darker side with their release ‘Morning Star’. Packed with occult mysteries, darkness and pure rock, the single is a sonic journey quite different to what you might be expecting from them. With a two-part approach, the single not only showcases their darkness, but it also highlights their musicality and skills.

PV Staff (vocals), Olav Iversen (vocals), Marius Mørch (guitars), Einride Torvik (bass) and Tor Bjarne Bjelland (drums) bring a high voltage rock sound to your ears. With two powerful vocalists and instruments that spit out pure energy, they blast you into their soundscapes before electrifying you. This single is no different as you are thrust into the mysterious musical shadowscape.

The shadowy world of ‘Morning Star’ pulls you with a dark opening full of deep tones. There is a feeling of creeping wisps of black smoke to the melody. The ominous feeling in the music has shivers racing down your spine before the guitar grabs at your ankles. The rock tone of the guitar merges with the occult sounds of the opening for a dark vibe. This takes a complete turn in the second half of the track as the creep tones give way to pure rock. The guitars pulse and soar against the shadows pushing them and you in the direction the band wants to take you.

The movement of the melody is complemented by the vocals. The opening vocal line carries the creepy vibes of horror stories and swirling mists. Through the vocals, you expect a dark figure to be creeping around the shadowy corners of the room. There is a sliver of fear woven into the vocals that enhances the vibes of the music. When the music turns to pure rock, the vocals cry out while keeping the scary vibes. The lyrics are packed with occult images that escalate as the single continues.

Electric High pulls you into the creeping shadows of occult horrors in their single ‘Morning Star’. The shadows of the melody wrap around you sending shivers down your spine only to crash into a pure rock soundscape. While the vocals compliment this melodic movement, they bring their own darkness and ghostly horror to your ears.

Find out more about Electric High on their website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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