A Chat with Maggie Cassidy (04.07.18)

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Formed in 2017, the highly energetic dirty pop five-piece known as Maggie Cassidy began sharing their sound with fans across the globe (or at least that’s the plan).  Taking a breather from the madness that is the Maggie Cassidy schedule, the boys from Surrey share some insight as they answer our probing questions.

OSR:  Hi, and thanks for speaking with me. First question, why the name ‘Maggie Cassidy’? Not to be sexist, but aren’t Maggie and Cassidy originally female names?

MC:  We named the band after an early Jack Kerouac novel, who’s a favourite author for a few of us.  The idea behind the name was that people hearing or seeing us for the first time had no real preconceptions, or at the very least come as a surprise to people who encounter us for the first time.

OSR:  How did the group come together?

MC:  We were originally another band, and after a few years cutting our teeth doing that felt as if we reached the point where we needed to hit the reset button.  We were writing new material with more of a pop sensibility and wanted a band that reflected that.  We’re super excited about Maggie Cassidy, and it’s amazing to see so many new people connecting with what we’ve been doing.

OSR:  You mention that you enjoy bands like The Maine, Neck Deep, Deaf Havana, and A Day To Remember – to name a few.  Now some of these bands are quite different, so who do you think your sound is most influenced by, and who would you consider your sound to be most similar to?

MC:  We’ve got diverse tastes in music across the band, and we feel that shows in our music!  Sonically though, we’re probably closest to The Maine or You Me At Six, a nice mix of pop and rock!

OSR:  Maggie Cassidy only formed in 2017, what has the last year been like as a band?

MC:  It’s been so enjoyable, and this is only the start.  We’ve met so many people through shows, our music, and social media.  The reaction has been really positive, and it’s awesome to see so many people connect with our music.

OSR:  What can your fans look forward to in the rest of 2018?

MC:  We’ll have a new single and video out in August that we can’t wait for people to hear.  It’s the kind of song you can dance to, and I think it shows our softer side, sonically and lyrically.  We’re going to be doing a big release campaign in support of it through, where we want to make as many friends and fans as possible.  After that, it’s just a case of playing as many shows as we can fit in before 2019 starts!

OSR:  Maggie Cassidy promotes mental health quite a bit, so what are your thoughts about mental health awareness in the music industry?

MC:  It’s certainly moving in the right direction.  It’s great to see big guys, like Stormzy, speak out because his story holds so much weight.  There’s still a long way to go in terms of the right way to approach the conversation, especially raising awareness as artists in a responsible way; but, I know we’ll get there.

OSR:  What about mental health awareness in general?  Do you think people still consider this a weakness?

MC:  I don’t think so, especially when you speak to and hear stories from young people working through mental health problems.  I think there’s a greater understanding in general, which is great to see.  It’s all about humans looking out for one another!

OSR:  You mentioned that the band focuses on escapism.  Why do you think escapism is so important in today’s society?

MC:  I think it’s important to have something that gives you a release from the pressures of life, whether it’s sport, reading, music, anything really!  Modern life is so busy that you have to have some balance and something that provides an escape from it.  We hope that our music can be that one thing in someone’s life, it means we’re doing the right things.

OSR:  Let’s lift the mood a little and have a little fun.  What movie, do you think, would be greatly improved if it was made into a musical?

MC:  100% Die Hard, which is already a great film.  I could see it as a rock opera, like Jesus Christ Superstar, but with Bruce Willis spraying bullets instead!

OSR:  Do any of you have nicknames – what are they?

MC:  Most of the nicknames we give one another aren’t suitable for print, so I’ll leave them out!  Though Jack is nicknamed Spears, and Jan is nicknamed Meatball because he’s Swedish!

OSR:  Why don’t the arms on your hair get split ends?

MC:  Very good question!  That sounds like the perfect question for QI to answer.  I’d like to see Alan Davies answer that one.

OSR:  Finally, do you have a message for your current (and potential) fans?

MC:  We want to share this idea we call the Cassidy Club.  It encapsulates the kind of relationship we want to have with our fans, a big family.  We want to meet as many new people as possible, hear all your stories, and share your passion for music.  So come find us, we want to hear from you.  Join the Cassidy Club!  #CassidyClub

Thank you to Maggie Cassidy for speaking with us.  For more from this outstanding band, check out their official Facebook and website.  Their debut single, ‘Guide Me’, is available for purchase on Amazon.



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