Eli Gauden – Cottonheart (2020)

Eli Gauden is a Norwegian singer-songwriter who picked up Americana while studying in the US. Back in Norway, she has found her stride in the newly established Nordicana scene. Her first album was released in 2016 and she is back with her new single ‘Cottonheart’.

The inspiration for the track is Gauden’s appetite for honesty. She uses this song to put the shaded sides of life into words while highlighting vulnerabilities. These are aspects of life that are not often talked about and her soft touch makes her an artist worth noting.

‘Cottonheart’ has an old-time guitar opening that gently leads you to Gauden’s elven vocals. The song has a simple melody that creates a relaxing soundscape. While there is a semi-electronic backing to the song, it has a folk-inspired Americana vibe to it.

The vocal performance is soothing and the stripped back melody highlights this. The soft-touch of the vocals lets the lyrics shine through. While the music and vocals are gentle, there is a tension to the lyrics wrapped in vulnerability.

‘Cottonheart’ by Eli Gauden is a soft ballad full of vulnerabilities looking at the different shades of life. Gauden’s elven vocals are soothing while the melody relaxes you. There is an honesty to the performance that grabs you and makes you listen.

Find out more about Eli Gauden on her website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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