Leopard Rays – Brother (2020)

Leopard Rays is an alternative rock four-piece coming out of Hartlepool. The band is made up of Luke Dawkins (vocals), Sean McCloskey (guitar), Tom Pattison (bass) and David Wilcox (drums). Since the band’s formation, they have played at Stockton Calling and the inaugural Heelapolooza and Gathering Sounds Festival. One of their upcoming releases is ‘Brother’ on 31 July 2020.

This is the second single from the EP and the very first song they wrote together. The track is full of simmering sibling rivalry showcased in the very best punk rock fashion. The rebellious streak and dangerous edge of their music are clear in the song.

‘Brother’ grabs your attention with the guitar opening. From this moment, the guitars do not let up but are not oppressive as they drive the melody. The arrangement of the track helps to highlight the lyrics while getting you moving. If you were to hear this track at a party or live at a concert, you would be compelled to jump to the beat.

The sibling rivalry that underpins the track is clear from the start when Dawkins’ vocals enter. The lyrics showcase the simmering rivalry between brothers but never boils over. There is an interesting edge to the track that is boosted by the rebellious tone of the music.

Leopard Rays unleash the simmering tension of sibling rivalry in ‘Brother’ with a musical and vocal fire. The track is punchy while catchy giving you everything you want from a modern punk rock song.

Find out more about Leopard Rays on their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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