Elijah Stone – At War With Myself (2020)

The struggle against anxiety and depression can often feel like a constant battle. This war and that against any personal demon is the inspiration for Elijah Stone’s single ‘At War With Myself’. The idea for the song came to him when he was dealing with depression and watching Viking movies. This sparked the thought that he was at war with himself as he fought against his mind.

While this is the primary drive of the single, it also looks at feeling broken and alone even when you are surrounded by other people. The single is personal, but the way Stone has arranged it makes it deeply relatable for anyone who listens. It is not only people struggling against depression and anxiety who are able to connect with the lyrics and emotion of the track.

The gentle guitar opening sets an easy tone for ‘At War With Myself’. The melody flows over you and easily leads you to Stone’s vocals. The light notes of the melody create this wonderful foundation for the lyrics. There is something soothing about the music while it also carries a sense of sadness. This is enhanced by Stone’s vocal performance.

The smooth and tender tones of his voice wrap around you and draw you into the lyrics. While the song is about a war with yourself, there is nothing aggressive about it. There is a lot of imagery in the lyrics that perfectly depict the state of mind of the subject. It is a beautifully arranged and written track that you cannot get enough of.

Elijah Stone works through the constant struggle people with anxiety and depression feel in ‘At War With Myself’. The single is gentle, but there is a sense of sadness in the undertones and tiredness that comes with battling your own mind. It is a gentle track that you can easily listen to on repeat.

Find out more about Elijah Stone on his Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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