Diego Philips – When I Feel The Moon (2020)

Being in love and loved in return is one of the best feelings in the world. This is the situation that plays out in ‘When I Feel The Moon’ by Diego Philips. While there are many love songs written about this topic, Philips is taking a different route. Instead of focusing on love, he looks at the security felt in these situations. The single is off his soulful album Tides and the music video perfectly captures the essence of the track.

The soundscape highlighted on this track, and the album in general, is one that Philips and his band have been cultivating for years. Full of jaunty bohemian sounds and refined melodic lines, the single fills you with emotions. Taking a poetic turn, you can’t help but love the song in all its gentle glory.

‘When I Feel The Moon’ draws you into the feather-soft soundscape with this amazing acoustic guitar line. It calmly draws you to Philips’ vocals which are deep and soothing against your ears. The lilting melody rocks you like a pleasant breeze. While relatively minimalistic, the melody forms this perfect basis for the message of the track. The relaxing and calming sway of the melody helps to create a sense of security that is threaded through the lyrics.

While the melody gets you into a safe place, Philips’ vocals are like a soft blanket over you. His folky tones allow you to connect with the lyrics and listen to what he has to say. Through the lyrics, he takes you through the emotional security created by a reciprocated relationship. The mellow flow of his voice just adds to the feeling of safety and security the melody created.

These feelings are captured perfectly in the single’s music video. In the animated video, you are first introduced to the moon and the general setting of a peaceful evening. The overall sense of the video is as soothing as the song. You can feel the connection between the main characters in the animation which just underlines the message of the track further. An easy video to watch, it perfectly brings the emotions of the song to visual life.

Diego Philips leads you to a place of safety and security with the gentle tones of ‘When I Feel The Moon’. The new music video perfectly captures this through animations and brings the imagery of the song to life. This is a single and a video that you can easily play again and again just to feel the emotions it invokes.

Find out more about Diego Philips on his website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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