Elijah Stone – Owe It To Myself (2021)

Born from that deep, dark place at the bottom of your heart that controls you completely, Elijah Stone uses his music to express his most intimate emotions. The US-based singer-songwriter began his musical journey when he was about 8 years old playing the guitar and slowly learning various instruments like the piano, ukulele and piano. Along with his multi-instrumental skills, Stone enjoyed singing and has been composing music since his teenage years. Influenced by artists like Jon Bellion, EDEN and Lewis Del Mar, one would imagine Stone to have a pop sound; however, this is completely contrary. Instead of pop, we have a slower alternative rock meets grunge style. The latest addition to Stone’s repertoire is ‘Owe It To Myself’.

It can be difficult to categorise artists because of the constantly changing genres and sub-genres. If, however, I was to label Elijah Stone I would say a mix between Radiohead and Nirvana with Paolo Nutini sentiments. Recorded with his producer Blake Wisner at his home studio, as with his previous work, ‘Own It To Myself’ is beautifully arranged with powerful textures and layers. The incorporation of hard-hitting guitars, pounding drums and husky vocals make it raw, honest and brash but with a flowing underlying melody. It is as if we were being shoved into a kaleidoscopic sonic sound bubble filled with a hazy ambience, or just tripping on musical acid (without the acid, of course).

As I mentioned, Elijah Stone uses his music as a means of self-expression with personal narratives. Stone shares that he has “struggled with depression for as long as I can remember, and music was always my escape.” When speaking about ‘Owe It To Myself’ specifically, he explains that “…the main feeling and energy of this song comes from a darker approach to finally allowing oneself to be saved from the bad habits that can hold you down. It’s like almost a final scream to free oneself.”

Filled with bleakness in an intricate melody, Stone explores the fragility of the human soul in ‘Owe It To Myself’. Delicate and elegant, he teeters on the cusp of innocent melancholy and mature reflection releasing himself infusing the song and our ears with self-empowerment. I cannot wait to see what 2022 holds for this talented individual.

For more from Elijah Stone check out his Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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