The Confederation – Coat in the Hallway (2021)

There are times when life can bog us down and fill us with a sense that there is no way forward. In times like this, we need to let go of the world for a moment and ‘Coat in the Hallway’ by The Confederation is the perfect musical accompaniment. A dark, dramatic and sexy single, it calls out to those who need hope and the lovers out there.

This call draws us into a place where we can leave the troubles of reality behind even if it is only for a short amount of time. This moment of peace comes from the creative collective including Lynz Crichton (vocals), Jill McCracken (vocals), Steven Blessing (guitar) and Simon Jolly (keyboards). Bringing their own styles and sounds to the table, these artists have merged them into music that knows no creative limits.

‘Coat in the Hallway’ shimmers into life through the opening melodic line that becomes richer as it progresses. When the drums roll in, they bring an almost funky soulful vibe. There is a really seductive flow to the music that slides over your skin like satin. Woven into this silken movement is a beat that has you lightly bopping to it. It is an amazing musical arrangement that leads you down the hallway of the single and into a space where you can just relax and forget about everything that isn’t the single. At times, there is an orchestral edge to the music that enhances the overall jazzy vibes. It is an utterly decadent soundscape that perfectly transports you out of the world and lets you have a great time.

Working with the musical arrangement to pull you from reality are the vocals. The blending of Crichton and McCracken’s vocals brings an additional plush and luxurious edge to the single. The lyrics invite you further into the safe space the melody creates while slowly drawing whatever pains you out of your veins. Through all of this, the vocals bring a slightly chilled good vibe that lightens your chest and has you feeling blissfully happy. It is impossible to listen to this track and not feel better after.

The Confederation has you chilling to their seductive sound while leaving all your troubles at the door in the decadent ‘Coat in the Hallway’. Every element of this single comes together to form the smooth and chilled soulful movement of the single. The layered vocals enhance the richness of the music while inviting you into a calm space where you can easily get away from the world for a moment.

Find out more about The Confederation on their website, Facebook and Spotify.

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