Ellie Lave – October (2021)

Ellie Lave is helping listeners get over a short and sweet attempt at love with her single ‘October’. Written during the winter lockdown, the single works through the emotions of an attempted relationship that was doomed from the start. Using an upbeat melody, she reflects on the fear of intimacy, emotions and potential connection that caused the attempted relationship to fail before it really began.

While Lave wrote the single, she collaborated with her friend Theofano on production. Theofano also wrote and plays the guitar lines on the track. Together, they have created a touching single that hits all the right points. If you are looking for a song that brings a fun bop to the emotions of a relationship that never was, you have come to the right place.

‘October’ gently pulls you into the soundscape with a really laid back vibe. The guitar strums softly across your senses before the shuffling beats shimmy through your ears. On the chorus, the horns bring a richness to the soundscape that is wonderful. The rise and fall of the melody from verse to chorus is masterfully handled and helps to push the narrative of the lyrics. Through the movement, you are able to ride the lyrics and the emotion they bring.

Lave has a smooth croon to her vocals which works so well with the melody. She is able to bring the attempt at love to your ears with a smoothness that you can’t help but love. Even if you have never been in a similar situation, she has the ability to fill you with the emotions of the experience. There is a touch of sadness to her performance as she mourns the potential of what could have been. This is tempered by an understanding that these flash in the pan romances happen and that we can all move on from them.

Ellie Lave croons her way into your heart against the smooth tones of ‘October’. The single captures a short and sweet attempt at romance perfectly through a combination of her crooning vocals and Theofano’s excellent guitar work. The laid-back vibe of the track is wonderful while the horns on the chorus create a delightful richness.

Find out more about Ellie Lave on her Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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