HOLY B – Adventures in Lo-Fi – Vol 2 (2021)

HOLY B introduced us to his experimental sound through Adventures in Lo-Fi – Vol 1. Now, he is continuing the interesting journey with the complimentary EP Adventures in Lo-Fi – Vol 2. Bringing the colourful mixtures of the first EP, he adds a splash of pop-culture references while considering growing up and trusting our instincts.

The DIY mentality that brought about the first EP to life is mastered with this four-track follow-up. Intense moods, rough beats and energetic flows keep you hooked to the sound while thinking about the message each track has. Taking steps out of comfort zones, the EP is a wonderful push to explore our limits and gain a better understanding of ourselves.

The EP opens with ‘One Tunnel is Enough’ which progressively draws you into the dawning of the EP. The melody has a soft feeling like the tendrils of a chilly dawn being chased by the rising sun. The deep beats rise from the ground and vibrate through your soul. The track has an outstanding depth through the layering that effortlessly creeps into your senses and opens them to the musical experience. While the instrumentation is electronic, there is a feeling of organic life delicately woven into each note. Through the soft waves of the music, your mind is led to opening itself to something new.

‘Tunes, Tunes, Tunes’ brings a different feeling to your senses with a jittering and zipping energy. The movement of the melody has you feeling like you need to constantly look around you as you expect something to come from the dark. The beats have a slightly panicked feeling to them that really gets the heart racing. This is a completely different vibe to the soft awakening of the opening track. There is an almost industrial feeling to this song that is sliced by the vocal snippets.

After the heart racing of the last track, ‘Fuck Fear’ offers a more encouraging vibe. The speech snippet that opens the track starts the motivation before you are bounced forward by the beats. There is a delightful experimental feeling to this song that comes through in each melodic line. The different musical elements are unique yet come together for an electronic stance against negative emotions. The beats in this song are the real star as they pound through your chest while filling you with an iron strength that lets you take on anything you might face.

The EP comes to a close with ‘What are Those??’ which opens with a wonderful pop-culture snippet. This slides into a melodic movement that walks the line of unique and familiar. There is something in the keys that tugs at the back of the brain while combining with the beats for a unique flow. Through the movement, you are flung forward with the momentum of the track while riding the higher levels. It is a wonderful way to end the EP with a touch of ambient sound mixed with the DIY avant-garde sound HOLY B perfectly infuses into each track.

HOLY B continues his journey through experimental sounds and emotions in Adventures in Lo-Fi – Vol 2. The four tracks of the EP each bring a different vibe from heart-racing beats to vaguely familiar stylings. While completely different, each track builds the experience and messaging of the EP perfectly.

Find out more about HOLY B on his Facebook, Instagram and Bandcamp.

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