Elliot Joe Whitehead – Let It Slide (2021)

Are you looking for a song that takes you back in time and has you grooving like it is pre-pandemic times? ‘Let It Slide’ by Elliot Joe Whitehead is just what you need as it brings 80s synth-pop together with some 70s disco. Creating the catchiest track, he has your feet tapping and body grooving while washing you in some nostalgia.

With this single, he is letting everyone know why they should be taking note of what he has to offer. Using a completely DIY approach to his music, he writes and produces everything himself. An accompanying music video is still in the pipeline for the track, but you don’t need to see it to get yourself grooving to the music.

‘Let It Slide’ zips and zings into your ears with some light synths. The beats that join them have your head moving while you are hit with a strange sense of retro and modern tones. The melody has a simplistic feeling to it but there is a lot more going on than you first imagine. The swinging tones that come in later get you grooving to the music without any conscious thought. There are these layers to the music that bring the bubbling highs of disco to the moving vibes of synth-wave. As they combine, they form a moving river of sound that makes you want to dance and eases any bad vibes out of your senses.

Whitehead’s vocals add to the retro vibes while containing their own modern edge. The sizzling synths are a great counter for his deeper vocals. While his voice counters the melody, the movement of his vocal performance adds to the dancing vibes of the track. The lyrics are a little at odds with the dancing vibe of the music as they consider a less than stellar relationship.

Elliot Joe Whitehead gets your body moving to his groove and having fun while considering letting things go in a relationship with ‘Let It Slide’. The track is a lot of fun to listen to while bringing an interesting mixture of retro and modern tones. The disco and synth-pop vibes of years past are toned down with a modern edge hitting you with fun and nostalgia.

Find out more about Elliot Joe Whitehead on his Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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