Hybrid Kid – Coming Round Again (2021)

Hybrid Kid is back on our radar with their latest single ‘Coming Round Again’. While continuing their incredible alternative rock sound, they are hitting out with a little more swamp boogie in this track. With some amazing guitar lines and infectiously fun vocals, all we need to do is sit back, kick up our feet and enjoy the musical ride.

From the punky sounds of ‘1 2 3’ to the more alternative dynamics of ‘Dropped’, Hybrid Kid keeps you guessing while consistently delivering. Regardless of the rock touch they add to the music, you always know that you are going to have a good time while listening. This track is no different as you are hooked to their sound from the very start to the last note.

‘Coming Round Again’ pulls you in with the rolling waves of the guitar. There is a great boogie feeling to the music that makes you want to smile and move to the rhythm. There is an infectious hook to the melody that pulls you under the band’s spell. The music is driven by some really amazing guitar work that is groovy and funky with an edge of alternative rock thrown in. As you are hooked by the melody, you find that you really don’t want to get off the ride. There is a guitar solo late in the track that just adds this soaring tidal vibe to the music.

Danny’s vocals have a very laid-back feeling to them calling for you to just sit back and let everything wash over you. There is a warmth to his voice that wraps around you as you ride the melody. The lyrics have you sinking into the rise and fall of emotions that perfectly matches the ebb and flow of the music. You might just find yourself wanting to sing along on the chorus.

Hybrid Kid has you sitting back for the groovy ride that is ‘Coming Round Again’. The music combines a boogie groove with some awesome alternative rock guitars for a ride that you don’t want to get off. The vocals add a warm rise and fall to the track while encouraging you to just give in to the music.

Find out more about Hybrid Kid on their website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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